• Ingenico partners with Fintech Pundi X to offer payment by cryptocurrency anywhere in the world ! 💶🌎

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    Ingenico partners with Fintech Pundi X to offer payment by cryptocurrency anywhere in the world !

    Ingenico Group, the world leader in integrated payment solutions, and Fintech Singapore Pundi X announce that they have reached a key milestone in the adoption of cryptocurrency payments worldwide, thanks to the successful integration of Pundi X's XPOS solution with Ingenico's APOS A8 terminals.


    Thanks to this partnership, merchants equipped with APOS A8 models, Ingenico's portable POS solution based on Android OS, will now be able to accept payments in different types of cryptocurrencies, while offering their customers a more secure and perfectly integrated transaction experience, thanks to the blockchain.

    "We are pleased with this new partnership with Ingenico, the world's leading payment processor. Thanks to this collaboration, Pundi X will be able to make the most of APOS A8, the world's best-selling Android payment terminal, and benefit from Ingenico's global reach in many strategic markets," said Zac Cheah, co-founder and president of Pundi X. The integration of cryptomonnaise payments on Ingenico's APOS A8 models will significantly expand access to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in general. »

    "Ingenico is constantly looking for the best innovations to enhance its transactional services, and Pundi X's highly innovative blockchain-based approach has been a key factor," said Marcus Low, Director of Asia Pacific at Ingenico Group. Thanks to this partnership, our solutions are now ready to accept transactions that will increasingly shape the future of payment, and to offer our customers around the world a perfectly reliable cryptomone payment solution. »


    By integrating the XPOS module into their Ingenico terminals, merchants will now be able to support transactions for many types of cryptocurrencies - BTC, ETH, NBB, XEM, DGX, DAI, ENQ, KNC, KCS, FX, QTUM, NPXS, NPXSXEM - as well as those integrated into the Pundi X payment ecosystem.

    Merchants with the XPOS module on the Ingenico solution and "crypto-tokens" holders will be able to carry out a transaction together directly via the PundI X mobile application, XWallet, or the XPASS physical card, the Pundi X card that facilitates payments and is compatible with several cryptomonal systems. The POS terminal will automatically apply the exchange rate from the cash to the cryptocurrency in the point of sale, to provide a fast and seamless transaction experience.

    Pundi X's XPOS solution is now deployable on all Ingenico APOS A8 terminals in all major markets worldwide.