• The French startup Pops has teamed up with Snapchat !

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    Three years ago, Pops developed a solution for printing moving images based on the holographic cards in our cereal packages. At the time, the company proposed to print its "Boomerang" from its smartphone. Two years later, it signed a new partnership with communication giant Snap to integrate its solution into its Snapchat application.

    This is a "first for a French startup but also for the application" explains Antoine Marie, one of the three co-founders of Pops, who hopes to take advantage of this association to increase its notoriety. The publisher of Snapchat, a channel particularly popular with 16-25 year olds, is looking to integrate more innovations without its products. For several months, he has been working on Spectacles 3, a pair of sunglasses equipped with sensors capable of recording videos and images in three dimensions.
    Users of the application will now be able to apply augmented reality effects to images captured by the glasses' HD cameras and print their photos in 3D. A Pops button, positioned in the application, at the same level as the photo deletion level, will send a print order to Snap Store. Users will then receive their pictures in their mailbox.

    Establish itself as an innovative player in photography
    Snapchat is currently running a major communication campaign with Gucci for which giant 2m Pops have been printed. "It is a chance to be associated with this solution, it presents us as innovators in our field" acknowledges Antoine Marie. The service will be reserved for early adopters of his $350 glasses.

    "It's a way of sending a message to other players and showing that we are a real technological player in the field of photography," says the co-founder.

    After the United States, Pops dreams of Europe
    Discussions are underway with other companies, including mobile phone manufacturers, to integrate their solution. "We are the only ones who know how to use this patented technology," says Antoine Marie, explaining the lack of competition.

    Better known in the United States where it achieves 90% of its sales, the startup now wants to conquer a more European audience. It plans to double its workforce by June 2020, from 15 to 30 or even 40 employees, to meet its new challenges.